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Q: What is the scale of the ship models?

A: The scale for the models is 1:4185.

Q: Is there an advantage to one material or another?
A: The resin hulls are somewhat easier to work with, especially when attaching photo-etched parts. In addition, after gently washing in warm, soapy water to eliminate the release agent, they tend to paint up better than their metal counter parts. Also, the new alien races have many details molded into the ship hulls which reduces assembly time.

Q: What new alien races?!?
A: There are miniatures for new alien races being introduced into the Musashi line. These can be used in conjunction with the Star Blazers miniatures or used separately. Data forms are currently being produced and will be made available which will allow these new ships to be incorporated into the main-stream game. More information is available in the Work in Progress section.

Q: Are the ships for the new alien races available now?
A: Some ships will be available soon and some will be released in the near future. The production release dates have been staggered to allow an adequate number of miniatures to be stocked for orders. Special requests for some ships may be able to be filled for an additional cost per unit before its scheduled release date. Contact us FIRST for availability and price.

Q: Are the colors and schemes shown in the photographs the “official” template for each ship and race?
A: The answer to this is both “Yes” and “No”. The majority of the models for the ships from the original Star Blazer animated series were painted to resemble as closely as possible their counterparts in the actual show. The new “alien” races were deliberately painted in a variety of colors, schemes and detail to show various gamer preferences; anywhere from “spray paint” (e.g. the Bolar Stealth Attack Ship), through minimal detail (e.g. the Ventnorians) to somewhat elaborate (e.g. the Mektonians).

The bottom line here is that the ships are yours to do with as you please. If you’re a hard core Star Blazers fanatic who only accepts the True and Sanctioned Path, then go with that. If you’re a gamer that doesn't even use the SBFBS rules but just likes to use the ships in your system, then paint them accordingly.

These models are like any other miniatures used for gaming. How you use them and how you paint them is determined by the needs and preferences of the individual gamer. Use your imagination! Go nuts! Have FUN! Enjoy, because that’s the real bottom line for ANY type of gaming.

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