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Star Blazers Fleet Battle System Game Module 2: The Dark Nebula Empire Rulebook

This latest addition to the Star Blazers Fleet Battle System contains updated and expanded rules along with the ship and weapons statistics to recreate many of the battles between the warring space powers from the acclaimed science fiction animated series.

Book 0
103 introduces the Dark Nebula Empire Fleet, as well as additional fleet units for the expanded EDF, Gamilon, and White Comet Empires.

The information in this rule book is based on the movies Yamato: The New Voyage and Be Forever Yamato.

The Dark Nebula rule book comprises 76 pages of rules, plus 20 pages of optional rules which players can utilize, or use to modify existing scenarios. The game has three levels of play to allow players to acquire the skills to master the complete game system. Also included are 16 scenarios plus the "Assault On Gatlantis" mini-game.

Statistics for 43 new space warships have been added to the original 42 warships which were introduced in the first game book. A total of 85 redesigned warship display forms plus an additional eight pages of statistical data for the Gatlantis mini-game, as well as five pages of ship counters are included. The game can be played with these counters or with the lead-free miniatures especially designed for this game system. A complete catalog can be found in the rules book.

A Technical Manual with 143 illustrations and line drawings of the new ships,
battlecraft, new weapons systems, and space stations are also included in this publication.

PN: 0103

Page count: 284 pages

Price: $25.00USD
plus shipping

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