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New Star Blazers and alien ships will be added to the web site in the near future. When these ships become available their prices will be added to their Parts Number picture and the miniature will be added to the shopping cart. The new Alien ships (Mektonian, Kuvarian, Centurian, Valarian, Redellian, Ventnorian) are all produced by the Mephisto Model Company.

Consider the pictures that are posted as a preview of what will be avaiable in the near future.

In 2014 the planned Star Blazers releases will include the Dark Nebula Empire Medium Carrier (PN4006), the combat version of the Earth Defense Forces Battleship Bismarck (PN1042), the Earth Defense Forces Battleship Nowick and others.

Several rule sets will be made available to accommodate all the new ships. Different levels of complexity will be created to fit players preferences. Additional information and new ship data will be released as they become available.

The original Star Blazers rules, which are now in their third printing, are 18 years old and in need of being updated to incorporate new ships and weapons.

A campaign game system has been under development for some time. We hope to have a sample portion of the map posted in the fall of 2014.

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