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Star Blazers Fleet Battle System Game Module 1: The Gamilon and White Comet Empire Wars Rulebook

This miniature tabletop game of space warfare brings entire fleets into play, but can also be played as single ship combat or other small group actions involving fighters and bombers. You can command your own ship or a squadron, coordinate a mission, or plan master strategy and tactics for small and large fleets. You choose the level of action you wish to play.

You'll learn to understand the operational purpose of each class of ship and to order movements of all the battle groups or task forces in your fleet. As you gain experience you will expand your skills. You'll come to know how every action, by every tactical unit in your command, can affect the rest of the fleet. You'll be making qualified calculations that anticipate enemy reaction.

Play testers remarked that using this game rule system required them to change their mindset as regards to organizing and commanding a large fleet-level operation. The game stresses the specific and special missions of each class of ship, as well as the cooperation and coordination of all units in your fleet in order to achieve victory.

This may be a new approach for many gamers who are used to games organized around single ship combat, but the very nature of the Star Blazers programs stresses large fleet actions and massive destruction.

Players will have to invest some time learning the system before some of the more subtle rule features can be employed to their maximum effect.

The first rule book in the series recreates the battles depicted in the classic Star Blazers DVD series from The Quest For Iscandar and The Comet Empire.

This is the the easiest way to learn the Star Blazers Fleet Battle System before moving on to the expanded rules system.

PN: 0101

Page count: 142 pages. Includes rules, multiple ship control forms and ship counter pages.

Price: $25.00USD plus shipping.

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