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SBFBS Technical Manual


Star Blazers Fleet Battle System Technical Manual: Warship Recognition Guide (EDF, Gamilon, White Comet Empire Spacecraft)

The definitive reference book for Star Blazer fans. This data book is the first ever to bring together the ships and weapons of the Earth Defense Forces, the Gamilon Empire and the Comet Empire from the acclaimed science fiction animated DVD series.

Over 490 illustrations depict the mechanical exterior views of the ships and equipment of the three contending powers featured in the animated series. Battlecraft, supportcraft, weapons systems, battle maps, orders of battle, organization charts, and land force organizations are also included.

Mission profiles for 42 ships and 29 types of battlecraft describe the purpose and role each vessel plays within its respective fleet.

The data in this book accompanies the Game Module 1 (PN 0101).

PN: 0102

Page count: 206 pages

Price: $25.00USD
plus shipping

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